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Special Guest: Max Angioni

Born and raised in Como, comedian Max Angioni is currently in the middle of a nationwide tour titled “Anche Meno”, which runs from January 18th to May 25th, 2024. Despite his hectic tour schedule, he found the time to visit his hometown club for the Como-Parma game where he reminisced about his journey from telling Mickey Mouse jokes to competing on Italia’s Got Talent.

Max first started telling jokes about Mickey Mouse in school, and although he wasn’t initially successful, it inspired him to persist in his comedic endeavours.

His acting journey started at the Como School of Theater and later led him to the Academy of Comedy in Milan. Angioni joined the Teatro in Centro, captivating audiences at international events such as London’s Mimetic Fest and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Reflecting on career-defining moments, Max draws parallels between his journey and that of the renowned Italian band, Måneskin, finding unexpected success despite setbacks, “Sometimes unexpected negative events turn into positive things. In the final of Italia’s Got Talent, I wanted to win and I expected to win, but then I came second. I said f*** what bad luck, and instead it helped me, I mean coming second, like Måneskin!”

Aside from his love for comedy, Max is also a longtime supporter of Como 1907. His first experience at the Sinigaglia dates back to Como vs. Piacenza, the year before the team’s appearance in the 2002-03 Serie A season. In that same season, he recalls his favourite memory, “The best memory I have? Brunner’s save on a Totti free kick – It was beautiful.”

With hope in the air, he sends an invitation to both new and old supporters to see the city’s and the team’s goals come to life in the stadium, encouraging others to experience Sinigaglia and highlighting the beauty and the evolving project of Como 1907.

His humour brings people together all around the world, resulting in an excellent combination of comedy and football right here in Como.