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Nurturing Young Talent: A Glimpse into Como 1907’s Women’s Academy

In a strategic move to lay a foundation for women’s football, Como 1907 has introduced an Under 11 and Under 13 category. This initiative is designed to facilitate the holistic development of young female players, both on a personal and technical level, setting the stage for competitive activities commencing in the U15 category.

Leading the U13 category is Coach Giada Oliviero. Her unwavering commitment revolves around creating a nurturing environment for every young girl, fostering both individual growth and team camaraderie. “Our foundation is solid, and the girls display remarkable dedication, progressing individually and honing their technical and tactical skills, especially in terms of teamwork. The season has seen victories, losses, and a notable draw against Real Meda, securing our position at the top of the standings.”

Meanwhile, the Under 11 team is managed by the coach Valentina Marelli, who, in past years, has coached in some youth categories of the teams she played for. However, when she was called to coach the Como 1907 Pulcine category, she realised that her playing career had come to an end, allowing her to pass on her passion to her students. “We started from scratch and, being the youngest in the club, have formed a cohesive group with a great team spirit—a vital aspect of this sport.” The season’s primary objective centers on the growth of each player and the team. Training focuses on fundamental movements and patterns, emphasizing enjoyment—a crucial element at this developmental stage.

“As we approach the championship’s return phase, there isn’t a specific target. I consistently emphasise to my young players that the key is holistic growth, irrespective of the final result. It is through this approach that any form of victory can be achieved.”

Como 1907’s commitment to fostering talent and cultivating a positive environment for young female athletes reflects a strategic vision for the future of women’s football.