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Fabio Rispoli: The Interview

Fabio Rispoli, midfielder and product of the Como 1907 academy, made his professional debut during the last match at Sinigaglia during the 4 nil victory against Spezia. He tells Como 1907 magazine what it felt like.

“It was a great feeling, I had been waiting a long time for this moment. Always called up, always on the bench, I was waiting for the right game, the right result. And with Spezia it finally came”. The seventeen year old midfielder credits his family for helping him get here: “They always support me, without them I would not be here. They are always with me, even when they can’t they always find a way to be there, to be close to me.”

On his back, the number 32, the same one worn by his uncle Giuseppe Greco, brother of his mom Angela, who debuted with the Como 1907 at San Siro, against AC Milan, on 3/5/2003: “I chose it for that very reason. And at home now I have my debut jersey and the one worn by my uncle. It is the closing of a circle.”

Family also means Como 1907, with many people who have helped him along the way, two more than the others: “Definitely Cesc Fabregas, because without him I would not have done any of this, and Massimiliano Gatto. They have been important for my growth both as a footballer and as a person.” He has Messi as an idol, loves arrosticini (a meat dish), is called ‘puppy’ by his teammates, and cannot remember, due to too much emotion, the words Bellemo whispered to him before he entered the field.

And he closes his interview by perfectly describing the Academy’s mission: “Como helps you to become a good footballer, but also to be a good person.”