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Pescatori Alpha: A Collective Passion

Lake Como is renowned for its natural beauty but like anywhere it often relies on the local community to keep it that way.

Luca Arcobello, the president of Pescatori Alpha, transformed his love of fishing into a collective passion back in 2016, a passion that got noticed by none other than US actor Stanley Tucci. “We started as a group of friends brought together by our love of fishing, and it naturally evolved into an initiative to unite fishermen in looking after the lake”. Pescatori Alpha, which now has 3800 members on Facebook from all over Italy, is a perfect testimony to this journey.

Activities like recovering abandoned nets, cleaning the lake, and restoring the docks after floods led to a call from CNN for a Stanley Tucci series.

Luca fondly recalls, “We hosted Stanley on Lake Como, brought him fishing, and introduced him to Risotto al Pesce Persico, a local dish using our lake’s fish”.

As a dedicated Como 1907 supporter, Luca works with the club not only for charity initiatives, but occasionally takes fishing trips with some Como 1907 players.

“During an inauguration day of Olgiate Comasco, a Como 1907 fan group in my city, I met Alessio Iovine who later introduced me to other players such as Daniele Baselli, Tommaso Arrigoni, Alberto Cerri, and Nicholas Ioannou. So whenever we have time, we go out fishing together.” Watch Luca and a couple of Como 1907 players take such a trip on Como TV (