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Touchpoint Spotlight: Cartoleria Ratti

“I call this place ‘my little window on Erba’.”

Nestled in the centre of Erba is an historic stationery shop and now one of the Como4Como touch points. Owned by Luisella Ciceri, Cartoleria Ratti Srl, has been serving the community for over a hundred years of history. Luisella tells us about becoming the owner of the store, being part of the community and also part of this project.

“It was 33 years ago when I went from employee to entrepreneur and it was a big leap of faith. The best thing about my job is having customers bring their four and five-year-old children to buy their very first school supplies. Today, the same children now come with their children to do the same. I call this place ‘my little window on Erba.” That community attachment and spirit also led Luisella into the world of politics 12 years ago.

“My job also took me into politics and I am now proudly part of the municipal administration of Erba. I love the feeling of serving my city. Managing family, children, work and politics has been a challenge, but it’s a great source of achievement that has shaped the woman I am today.

“When Como play, I dedicate my evening to watching the result. With my partner we share ties with many former players and coaches. We were friends with Gattuso, who, as coach, left an important mark on Como’s promotion to Serie B. We like the Como4Como products a lot, as we have many loyal fans in our city.”