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Touchpoint Spotlight: Moglia Confezioni

“This historic store is an institution in Como.”

Paolo Tettamanti is the owner of Moglia Confezioni, a historic boutique that has also now become a touchpoint for Como4Como. It is located in Piazza S. Fedele, in the historic center of Como, within a building dating back to 1400. The business opened in 1920 and has been in the family for three generations. Paolo chose to be part of the project as he shares the ethical idea alongside Como 1907 of using local suppliers.

“Our children’s ceremonial clothes are made in Italy, and that’s why we are the choice of our loyal customers for the most elegant occasions in the City. To avoid two people wearing the same outfit on the same occasion, we take note of our customers’ choices and purchases.” Paolo’s attention to detail and his focus on customers characterise this historic business in Como.

Paolo has a past as a referee and tells us about his mentoring role in the training of international-level Como referee, Andrea Colombo.

“I refereed from the age of 16 to 29, then I served as Vice President in the AIA Como section. As an instructor, I guided Andrea Colombo, now an international referee. It is a source of personal pride as he became the first Como referee to achieve such recognition. As a referee, I say that today’s football is really difficult to judge because it is much faster than in my time.

“I remember when, thanks to the complimentary entrance for referees, I walked the steps of the Sinigaglia stadium’s stand. It was the ’70s, and my father accompanied me to watch Como matches. Those were the years of Correnti, Fontolan, and the future world champion Tardelli. A great regret is not having refereed Como, but the regulations did not allow it. It would have been a unique experience.”