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Touchpoint Spotlight: La Bottega di Elisa

Elisa Colombo is the owner of “La Bottega di Elisa,” a touchpoint that is part of the Como4Como initiative near the village of Anzano del Parco, in the province of Como. The bottega brings forward more than 60 years of tradition. Elisa decided to participate in the project to support the ambitions of the club and show the establishment’s strong historical support.

“We opened our shop with the intention of creating a convivial environment, where you can enjoy quality products both from the counter and from the café, while exchanging a few words. We try to meet every request, from our specialties of sandwiches filled with top-quality cold cuts, to breakfasts with our freshest pastries and brioches. Here you will find the authentic flavors of the past that will make you relive the atmosphere of the classic shops.”

“La Bottega di Elisa” has always been a reference for fans in the Anzano area. “Since the ’80s and ’90s of the ‘Fossa Lariana’ until today with the ‘Pesi Massimi’, we have been a meeting place for Como 1907 fans, organizing dinners, meetings, and aperitifs. Now we share with the Pesi Massimi their charitable initiatives, like the one for little Victoria. It’s the first time that a football club like Como 1907 has proposed launching a brand dedicated to its own city, independent of football. We are confident to see the results of a club with such ambitious projects.”

Leo Valli at La Bottega di Elisa

One of the loyal customers of “La Bottega di Elisa” is Leo Valli, the official announcer of Como 1907.

“Coming here to Elisa’s is like taking a trip into the past, discovering the authentic taste of traditional shops, where you can find everything you need. This place makes you feel at home, thanks to the friendliness and empathy of the people who work here. It’s not just a bar, but a place where you can truly relax and enjoy the moment.”