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Touchpoint Spotlight: Brignoli’s Tobacco Newsstand

Via Leopardi 2/a, inside Iper Shopping Center, 22070 Grandate (CO)

Marco Brignoli is the owner of Edicola Tabacchi Brignoli, a small shop that serves as a focal point for the community of Grandate, in the province of Como. As part of the Como4Como project, the newsagent is located at Iper, a shopping centre frequented by those travelling towards the city of Como. Marco embraced the project on the recommendation of his nephew, Andrea, a passionate supporter of Como 1907. “He has been a great supporter of the Como4Como project. His enthusiasm and the freshness of his ideas as a young person has been vital for us. I saw the project as an opportunity and greatly appreciated the dynamic, motivated, and well-prepared approach of the team managing it.”

The Brignoli family, originally from Turin, has a deep connection to Como through the former Como and Torino footballer Gigi Meroni and their passion for football in general.

“Managing the tobacco shop was a big step for me. Since I was young, I worked in the office supplies sector with my father, but when the opportunity arose to take over the shop back in 1999, I decided to seize it. I was only 25 years old, and facing this challenge alone was truly demanding, with all the fears and anxieties that came with it. Initially, I was on my own, working up to 12 hours a day for several months. That period shaped the person I am, but soon I realised it wasn’t sustainable. So, my brother, a dental technician, and my sister, a medical graduate, joined me. Now there are six of us, with three siblings and three employees, and there are no holidays or breaks for us.”

“The Como4Como project has been of great help in rejuvenating our business and keeping up with the times. It has attracted many families to whom we offer our best stationery products.”