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Touchpoint Spotlight: Royal Cafè

Via E. Fermi, 85, 22030 Orsenigo, COMO (CO)

The Chen family, serving Orsenigo.

Federico Chen is the owner of Royale Cafe, a popular bar in the community of Orsenigo, a town near Como. Federico took part in the Como4Como project because of the great fan base in the Orsenigo community, overwhelmingly requested by his customers, most of whom are loyal Como 1907 season ticket holders. The bar has become a gathering place for Como 1907 fans to watch away games, thanks to the presence of a large screen.

“I opened this bar six years ago, in 2018, after living in Milan for 20 years following my move from China for work reasons. The Orsenigo community welcomed us with open arms upon our arrival, and in no time, we managed to build a devoted clientele.”

The bar offers coffee services, cold buffet, and their specialty, open buffet aperitifs. “We cater to the working customers in the area who visit here before, during, and after their shifts. Breakfast pastries, a quick sandwich at lunchtime, and a grand buffet aperitif around the aperitif hour. Some of our best cocktails are long drinks like the Cuba Libre, Campari Spritz, and Mojito, adorned with our personally cultivated fresh mint.”

Federico emphasizes the importance of his relationships: “Our work is demanding, often leading me to work throughout the week. Having my family here, consisting of my wife Alessia, my sons Stefano, Riccardo, and Diego, my nieces, helps me feel less burdened by work rhythms. Above all, the friendships I’ve formed with some of my customers, who often invite me to dine with our families, play a crucial role. I recently shared a beautiful moment with my sons, going to watch the Como-Ascoli match together. These moments help me maintain balance amid the challenges of work.”