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Como 1907 Women: Season Recap.

Champions. Como 1907 women’s team dominated the Promozione championship: 58 points, 19 victories, two defeats and one draw, 85 goals scored and 11 conceded. Numbers that allowed the players coached by the duo Samuele Piazza-Daniele Balzaretti, to celebrate the first place and the promotion to the Eccellenza championship.

A season that began with the transfer window and the arrival of important players from higher divisions: Alessia Gomez from Serie C, Marianna Bruno, Erika Magni, Sara Meroni and Chiara Porcaro, all from Lecco, fifth in the Eccellenza in 22/23. Ambition and awareness, but also knowledge of the opponents, because only whoever wins the championship goes to the Eccellenza without going through the playoffs. The competition is fierce, especially against Accademia Milano and Bresso.

After winning the summer friendlies, the championship began and a defeat followed: 2-1 at home against Accademia Milano. However, they reset and secured five consecutive victories immediately. Then, another setback, against Bresso Calcio: 1-0. It was the most difficult moment, the one in which they had to take a look at themselves and start again. In fact, from there, one word disappeared from Como Femminile’s vocabulary: ‘defeat’.

Four victories to end 2023, before inaugurating 2024 with a big match against Accademia Milano. In the away match, the girls won 3-1 with goals by Gomez, Porcaro and Magni, a victory that gave the first place to Como 1907 Femminile, putting their destiny in their own hands. From there, the team did not make any more mistakes: nine victories, 32 goals scored, and only one suffered in the 2-1 against Bresso. The math adds up and the race ends in the most beautiful place of all: the Sinigaglia. There, in the home of Como 1907, full of fans, a day of celebration against Rhodense, with the city embracing the champions. The goal in overtime of Sosio, for the only draw of the season a 1-1, makes everything even more poetic.

A team led by Chiara Porcaro’s 22 goals, Marianna Bruno’s 13, and Giorgia Sosio’s 11; but also by Erika Magni’s throw-ins, Alessia Gomez’s quality, Anna Mboup’s defensive solidity, and captain Giulia Pozzoli’s heart, the soul of a team ready to shine in the Eccellenza as well!