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Jean Caffe S.n.c.

A stone’s throw away from the Duomo and the historical Teatro Sociale, Jean Caffe’ S.n.c, is a small kiosk in the heart of Como surrounded by a lovely green space with a park for children.

Mattia Cairoli, one of the owners, highlights the kiosk’s clientele and popular dishes. “Throughout most of the year, I have a steady clientele, particularly the locals who come in for breakfast. The most popular order is a cappuccino or espresso with a brioche. For later in the day it’s pizza and pasta that are most ordered, with Pasta alla Bolognese and Pizzoccheri being the favourites.”

The kiosk has become a meeting point for devoted local fans of Como 1907, and Mattia greatly appreciates this, as he is a dedicated fan.

“We almost always meet here for a drink, a few beers, a few prosecco, maybe some snacks and then we head to the stadium together. After the game, we go back to drink either to celebrate or to forget the game.

“My story as a Como fan starts way back in the mid-1990s. My father and grandfather used to take me to the stadium back in the days in the old Curva Ovest. It’s a passion that I have never left behind, and until today both at home and in every away game I try to be there.”

As part of our Discover Como series we created a short film about the kiosk. You can watch it here: