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Meet & Greet Experience: Laure & Lorenzo

“I’m proud to support Como 1907; a club that actually demonstrates a strong commitment to charity. This initiative to meet the players through buying the collectible cards where all the profits go to charity is truly commendable. This campaign deserves more recognition and should be celebrated.”

Laure, along with her son Lorenzo who plays for Como 1907’s U8 team, attended a meet-and-greet initiative with Alessio Iovine after the game against Ascoli. Meeting Iovine was a memorable experience for Lorenzo and some of his teammates. For Laure, it was also a significant occasion. Supporting Quelli che… con Luca, a research charity dedicated to finding better treatments and ultimately eradicating childhood leukaemia, is an important cause that’s close to her heart.

“I have been actively promoting this initiative. It’s not just about meeting a player; it is making a difference and contributing to charity. Therefore, I encouraged as many people as possible to come and support the initiative.”

Laure’s involvement resonates with her professional background, working for a global pharmaceutical company specialising in rare diseases. However, her commitment extends beyond her profession and comes from personal experience: “We all have stories – difficult stories of losing a parent or friend to cancer or suffering from diseases.”

You too can support the fight against childhood leukaemia by purchasing our players’ collectibles via the QR code. Together, let’s make a difference.