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Meet & Greet Experience: Samuele Serino

“I’m a huge Como fan and will be one forever. I’ve followed this team since I was a child and always will. Besides football, I’ve been a swimmer for 29 years. I would like to thank Iovine for this fantastic meeting.”

Samuele Serino, a Como 1907 fan, had the opportunity to meet Iovine at the meet-and-greet organised by the club for those who purchased his collectible. Samuele has been a member of OSHaComo for over 29 years, a local association that offers support to athletes with disabilities. Sara Di Mauro, one of his instructors, comments on his contribution to the swim team.

“Samuele is a veteran of OSHaComo. He still regularly participates in Italian championships, both in the winter and summer. He’s always achieving excellent results. We proudly remember the Italian record he achieved in 2019 in the 4×50 freestyle relay, together with his teammates.”

You too can purchase the collectibles and participate in or gift the upcoming meet-and-greet experience via the QR code. Your purchase will support the Como 1907’s fight against childhood leukaemia. Together, let’s make a difference.